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Get to the Bottom of Your Gas Leak

Hire us for gas leak detection services

There's nothing more dangerous than a gas leak.
Rely on All Action Plumbing and Drain LLC to find the source of your gas leak and get it fixed. We can also connect new appliances and test your gas system's pressure.

Contact your utility company immediately if you think you may have a gas leak-then call us at 216-577-9970.

Know the signs of a gas leak

Minor gas leaks or those that occur outside your house may not be obvious, but there are physical signs that can indicate a leak.

You may have a gas leak if you notice:

  • A rotten egg smell
  • Dying houseplants
  • A hissing sound near your gas line
  • A cloud of white dust near your gas line

If you have a gas leak, take immediate action. Call All Action Plumbing and Drain immediately, and we'll send out a plumber ASAP.